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Common Indoor Seeding Mistakes

There's nothing more rewarding than growing plants from the start, but a lot can go wrong in the early stages. Here's what to look out for in the first few weeks. Mold Seen as white, hairlike growths on the soil surface, fungi thrive in dirt that is overly wet, usually combined with humid air or…
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Hedychium – Growing Ginger Lily Inside

Hedychium - growing Ginger Lily inside tips The tropical ginger lily is a relative of the common kitchen ginger. Like ginger, the ginger lily is a tropical plant that grows from an underground rhizome in stiff canes with oblong leaves. In its natural habitat or under excellent conditions, some species of ginger lily can easily…
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Calathea – How to Grow

Tips how to grow Calathea indoor The genus Calathea includes some of the most beautiful and striking tropical foliage plants in the world. Closely related to the similarly gorgeous Maranta, Calathea species generally have boldly marked, upright, oblong leaves in a dazzling array of colors held on long, upright stalks. As true tropical plants, they are…
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